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Fullmoon Icons

Icons and things by drealkulit, meganbmoore and tjfox

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This is an icon journal shared by drealkulit, meganbmoore and tjfox. We have different styles between the three of us, so do check out our Memories. There should be be something there to your liking.

We try to post our icons in the bigger icon communities, but sometimes time doesn't allow it. Feel free to join Fullmoon Icons to get our latest updates.

Comments are very much appreciated. - It helps us know what kind of icons most people like, so we can make more of those.
Credit is a must. - There's effort from the simplest icon to the more complicated ones. Giving proper credit lets us know you appreciate our work, and is also good way to promote our little icon journal.
No Hotlinking/Bandwidth Stealing - Don't force us to rotate our images.
How to credit your icons: Just copy the text of your choice and paste it under "Comments" on your Edit Userpics Page.

drealkulit's Resources Post - Coming soon.
meganbmoore's Resources Post - Coming soon.
tjfox's Resources Post

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Disclaimer: All images unless specified otherwise are owned and copyrighted by their respective companies/creators/artists/etc. We do this for fun and falls under fair use. No profit was generated from these icons.